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Counter Balance Forklift Training


Today we have just completed the novice counter balance training on the Toyota truck. the 2 guys completed their practical skills, theory test and their pre-shift checks with glowing results. They now are all classed as competent drivers for the next three years. the guys will now continue to carry out a conversion training course on another one of the trucks at the company they work at.

Fire Marshal Training

Fire marshal  was carried out yesterday were the candidates had a good mixture of theory and practical. All the people who attended passed the theory to become a competent fire marshal. They all have the knowledge now in what to do in the event of a fire and what checks are required as a fire marshal such as fire alarm checks, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers  and checking of functions of fire doors.


Defib Training


What a brilliant day of Automated external defibrillation  training at a new customer. we had two sessions of AED training with excellent results in the safe use of the Defib, along with a good general knowledge of CPR showing good sets compressions and recuse breaths. Well done to all